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September 2019- The Association for Psychological Science published an article written by our Graduate student Dana Gorelik discussing the machine zone.

January 3rd 2017 – US News quotes Dr. Eastwood during a report on boredom.

December 7th 2016- University Affairs quotes Dr. Eastwood and discusses his work.

January 31st, 2016 – Maclean’s interviews Dr. Eastwood about the Good and Bad of Boredom.

April 2015 – British Psychological Society features an in-depth look at Dr. Eastwood’s research.

Dec 22 2014 – BBC explores why boredom is good for you, and Dr. Eastwood’s work is discussed.

August 2013 – The American Psychological Association explores boredom with the help of Dr. Eastwood.

2013 – York University features Dr. Eastwood in their Summer 2013 catalogue.

Sept 26 2012 – The Association for Psychological Science discusses Dr. Eastwood, his lab and the definition of boredom.

The arthritis foundation explains how to Stop feeling bored because arthritis has “stolen” your favorite activity, with the help of Dr. Eastwood.