Who we are

The Boredom Lab is a team of curious, engaged, collaborative researchers led by Dr. John Eastwood. We are located in the department of Psychology at York University, and have research collaborations, visiting scholars, and postdoctoral students from around the world. At the Boredom Lab, we are always learning and teaching: graduate students lead teams of undergraduate students, and all members benefit from close mentorship. Take a look at our lab members’ biographies to better understand who we are and our ongoing research projects.

What we do

The Boredom Lab is dedicated to deepening our understanding of boredom. We draw comprehensively from a range of psychological research methodologies, including social, cognitive, and clinical perspectives. We use various statistical methods such as hierarchical linear modeling and structural equation modeling. We strive to make our research findings broadly accessible, pursue projects with real world implications, and dialogue with people outside of the research world. Our lab trains the next generation of psychological researchers: in the Boredom Lab, students adopt a skeptical, thoughtful, and growth-oriented mindset where scientific rigor, creativity, real-world relevance, and a multiplicity of methods and theory become second nature.

Out of My Skull

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