15 01, 2024

Can Boredom Be Trendy?


Boredom might just work to set trends, pushing us away from sameness and towards novelty.

Can Boredom Be Trendy?2024-01-15T19:32:50+00:00
21 08, 2023

The Boredom of Solitude


Loneliness is on the rise. Just as is the case with boredom, we need to be agentic in seeking out meaningful interactions to overcome loneliness.

The Boredom of Solitude2023-08-21T17:32:46+00:00
16 03, 2023

Can ChatGPT Get Bored?


Does ChatGPT know what it means to be bored? Should we even make AI capable of experiencing boredom?

Can ChatGPT Get Bored?2023-03-16T20:34:28+00:00
12 01, 2023

Boredom Could Help You Understand What It’s Like to Have ADHD


Examining our own boredom—the painful feeling of being unable to engage our mind—may boost our empathy for friends and family with the condition.

Boredom Could Help You Understand What It’s Like to Have ADHD2023-01-12T22:42:24+00:00
12 01, 2023

Teenage Boredom in the Pandemic


Teenage boredom is prevalent at the best of times. Can we help our kids deal better with pandemic boredom?

Teenage Boredom in the Pandemic2023-01-12T22:42:24+00:00
12 01, 2023

Boredom in the Pandemic: Living With Lockdown 2.0


Lockdown 2.0 feels like the worst kind of Groundhog Day. But can we deal with our boredom a little better this time around?

Boredom in the Pandemic: Living With Lockdown 2.02023-01-12T22:42:24+00:00
12 01, 2023

Is Relationship Boredom Inevitable During COVID?


During COVID, our social circles have been drawn tight—often uncomfortably so. But being stuck together doesn’t have to be relationship-destroying.

Is Relationship Boredom Inevitable During COVID?2023-01-12T22:42:24+00:00
12 01, 2023

The Politics of Boredom


Is boredom making it impossible to effectively engage with politics?

The Politics of Boredom2023-01-12T22:42:24+00:00
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